[SSI Learning] SSI-L2021秋季新学期工作会议纪要(2021-08-31)
Minutes of the SSI-L Work Session of the New Semester in Autumn 2021













On August 31, 2021, from 14:00-15:00, the SSI-L project team held an online meeting with the leaders of different year groups and regions via Tencent Conference Room to agree on the work plan for the new semester, and the following is the basic consensus formed at the meeting.

I. Helping new partner schools and backbone teachers to start on SSI-L

Considering the long-term recurrence of the pandemic, the SSI-L project team will conduct intensive training in the form of online salons. In the near future, the SSI-L project team will optimize the materials from the 2020 summer training to design a new round of online training, which will be conducted in monthly online salons for teachers to get started and refresh their skills.

New partner schools are encouraged to explore further, and it is hoped that they will offer SSI-L courses as soon as possible, so as to continuously improve in practice. The focus of new partner schools at the beginning of the school year is topic selection. Different year groups can focus on topic selection at the first seminar meeting at the beginning of the school year and arrange the process for the new semester. Each year group can also decide on a schedule of online discussion for each school and include the new partner schools into the list of the discussions.

Given the impact of the Double Reduction Policy on the elementary and middle schools, it is recommended that each elementary and middle school conduct the SSI-L activities in the afternoon after school hours, while high schools may give more consideration to clubs and other forms.

II. Promoting the continued progress of SSI-L work in established partner schools

The established partner schools should continue to carry out their work on the original basis. It is suggested that each school continue to use the developed topics, optimize the curriculum based on the teaching experience of last year and carry out a new round of implementation. If there is an essential problem that is difficult to solve in the selection of the old topics, they can consider changing the topics and discuss them in the first meeting of this semester. After the first meeting, each partner school will focus on the implementation of the curriculum, aiming to complete the teaching of the entire module in the fall semester.

In view of the different objective bases of different grade levels, different strategies are used for elementary grade levels versus secondary grade levels. Elementary schools can systematically video the entire curriculum implementation and show it during the online seminar as a basis for topic revision; middle and high schools should focus on curriculum implementation and case writing in the fall semester to reduce the burden of test-taking in the spring semester; high schools need to accelerate their work progress, and experts present here at the meeting are hoped to provide help one on one to support model high schools to advance.

The SSI-L project team hopes that partner schools will stabilize and maintain the team of the backbone teachers, avoid replacement, and recruit new members on this basis.

III. About collecting and organizing research data

During the implementation of the curriculum, the partner schools should pay attention to collecting all kinds of process data, including but not limited to student work, classroom photo and audio or video recordings, etc. Schools with spare capacity can consider carrying out the scale evaluation of SSI-L. For partner schools with faster progress and positive attitudes, the SSI-L team will provide moderate resource leaning and arrange for activities such as in-school lesson observation and guidance.

Schools are encouraged to conceptualize, write, and submit papers.