[SSI Learning] 公益讲座(一)社会性科学议题的内涵与教育价值(2021-09-29)
Minutes of the first public lecture: Connotation and educational value of SSI (09/29/2021)



On September 29, 2021, from 19:30 to 21:30, the SSI-L Project Team of Beijing Normal University held a public service lecture via the Tencent Conference Room. Dr. Lin Jing, the leader of the SSI-L Project and the director of the Science Improvement Department of China Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education, analyzed the connotation and educational value of SSI. Mr. Peng Menghua, the leader of the expert team of SSI-L Project and the special-ranked teacher of the Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, further pointed out the value of SSI-L and offered suggestions for its implementation in the light of the research and exploration of partner schools over the past year. Online participants discussed around the SSI-L project, where a short Q&A session were provided by Dr. Lin Jing.

In order to facilitate further learning and review by the SSI-L project team and for those who are interested in the SSI-L project, the SSI-L project team presents the video of the public lecture here for your viewing pleasure.