[SSI Learning]【回放】公益讲座(二)社会性科学议题中的议题选择
Minutes of the second public lecture: Issue Selection of SSI-L (11/03/2021)

2021年11月3日晚上19:30 – 21:00,北京师范大学SSI-L项目组召开第二场“以社会性科学议题学习促立德树人”公益讲座,本次讲座主要内容为“社会性科学议题中的议题选择”,四位发言的主讲人分别从不同角度展开讲解。






On November 3, 2021, from 19:30 to 21:00, the SSI-L Project team of Beijing Normal University held the second public lecture of “Promoting Li De Shu Ren through Social-scientific Issues Learning Project.” The theme of the lecture was “Issue selection of SSI-L project.” Four speakers explained from different perspectives.

TAN Yongping, the responsible person of senior high school team of SSI-L project, and the Director of Biology Office of People’s Education Press said that when choosing issues, teachers need to pay attention to seven aspects: 1) an SSI-L issue is a scientific issue and fits into social life; 2) the issue is a real problem in life and the answer is open; 3) the issue solution involves multiple disciplines; 4) the knowledge and methods of different disciplines can all integrate into the issue learning; 5) students participate in practical activities; 6) attach equal importance to the scientific spirit and the humanistic spirit; 7) issues should be close to students’ life.

ZHANG Tao, the responsible person of SSI-L junior high school team and the director of the Teaching and Research Office of Shandong Weihai Teaching and Research Center, took selection processes of Weihai Shichang Middle School, Weihai Wanghaiyuan Middle School, Weihai Nanhai Xinqu Experimental Middle School as examples. He considered each school’s characteristic and described their experiences in selecting SSI-L issues. ZHANG also explained in detail the important role of key teachers in choosing one issue among several others, the way of improving the project design through thinking about the five-star diagram and the driven questions, and ideas on balancing the controversial points in the issues.

CAO Chunhao, the responsible of SSI-L primary school team and the secretary-general of Primary School Science Teaching Research Association of Beijing Tongzhou Teaching and Research Center, described the origin of the controversy of social science issues and the logic of transforming from SSI to SSI-L curriculum. He mentioned several success stories from the primary school team and analyzed how those were achieved. One was to see big things from small ones and raise the social-scientific issue. Another one was to make full use of the evidence and argue from multiple aspects.

Dr. LIN Jing, the SSI-L project leader, and the Director of the Science Improvement Department of China Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education Quality at last summarized relationships among sociality, science, ethics, and openness of SSI. She explained how to define roles of those four characteristics of SSI in the development of SSI-L curriculums and how to use the evidence-driven SKC-CAT model and top-level design framework to design the project activities. LIN again emphasized that SSI-L must start from the students’ side and connect with the current national curriculum standards.

To facilitate further study for SSI-L project partner schools, and for those who are interested in this project, the video of the public lecture is presented here for your viewing pleasure.