[SSI Learning] 基地校视频报道——温州道尔顿小学、山东威海世昌中学
Video Report of Partner Schools – Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School and Shandong Weihai Shichang Middle School




创校四年多以来,作为北京师范大学“中小学生科学素养提升项目”合作校,学校在STEAM教育方面获得了诸多荣誉:“中国STEM教育2029行动计划种子学校” “浙江省中小学 STEM 教育项目培育学校”“浙江省STEAM教育实践样态典型学校”。

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, an accredited member of Dalton International, is one of the first five-star private schools in Wenzhou. The school officially opened in September 2017 and currently has 36 classes with 873 students.

The school’s philosophy is supported by the world’s top basic education brand – Dalton International and the original research result of Principal Bai Lili – Study-Lab Education. With the vision of “100-year Dalton China Exemplar School”, the school practices the motto of “Attainment of Wisdom, Self-actualization” and uses the “Dalton Study-Lab Program” to lead its development. It is committed to exploring a child-centered, personalized education and “lifestyle” that will lead to the best future development of each individual.

In the past four years, as a partner school of Beijing Normal University’s “Developing Scientific Literacy for Elementary and Secondary School Students Program “, the school has received many honors in STEAM education such as “China STEM Education 2029 Action Plan Seed School”, “Zhejiang Province STEM Education Cultivation School” and “Zhejiang Province STEAM Education Practice Model School”.



山东威海世昌中学,与海相依,与山相伴。学校以“孜矻固柢 蓬勃生长”为校训,突出阅读、思维和表达能力,培养具有高贵灵魂、强健体魄、理性精神、人文视野、适应发展的时代新人。2020年9月,学校首个SSI项目——《威海小石岛是否有必要进行填海造陆的研究》正式启动。

Shandong Weihai Shichang Middle School

Shandong Weihai Shichang Middle School is located by the sea and nestling under the mountain. Adopting the motto of “Self-discipline and Strive for Excellence”, it emphasizes reading, thinking and expression skills, and is committed to cultivate talents of new age with noble soul, strong physique, rational spirit, humanistic vision, and adaptability to development. In September 2020, the school’s first SSI project — “Whether it is necessary to carry out reclamation research on Weihai Xiaoshi Dao (Little Rock Island)” was officially launched.