[SSI Learning]【回放】公益讲座(三)社会性科学议题学习的设计与案例
Minutes of the third public lecture: Learning design and case sharing of SSI-L (12/01/2021)

2021年12月1日晚上19:00 – 21:00,北京师范大学SSI-L项目组召开第三场“以社会性科学议题学习促立德树人”公益讲座。本次讲座主题为“社会性科学议题学习的设计与案例”,四位发言人分别从不同角度展开讲解。






On December 1, 2021, from 19:00 to 21:00, the SSI-L Project team of Beijing Normal University held the third public lecture of “Promoting Li De Shu Ren through Social-scientific Issues Learning Project.” The theme of the lecture is “Learning design and case sharing of SSI-L project.” Four speakers explained from different perspectives.

Zhou Chunjuan from Rongcheng Fuxin Primary School, Shandong, introduced their SSI-L project of “sea grass house.” She described four activities in the project based on the interdisciplinary learning framework.

Kong Pengfei from Weihai Shichang Middle School, Shandong introduced their project of “tidal power generation.” He presented the process of the topic selection, the inner connection of 9 activities, and their experience of adjusting the plan based on the school situation.

Yang Ying from Experimental Middle school of Shanxi Normal University shared their project on “dust pollution” by mainly explaining what kind of thing did they consider when selecting the topic and how the activity was designed.

Dr. Lin Jing, the Director of the Science Improvement Department of China Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education explained the logic of designing SSI-L projects based on three aspects including the uniqueness of SSI-L, the framework and key points to be considered during the design.

To facilitate further study for SSI-L project partner schools, and for those who are interested in this project, the following is the video record of the seminar.