[SSI Learning] 2022年1月19日寒假工作会议纪要
Minutes of the winter holiday working conference on January 19, 2022

2022年1月19日晚19:30 – 20:30,北京师范大学社会性科学议题学习项目组举行寒假工作会议。会议由项目总负责人林静教授主持,各区域与全国学段负责人、基地校校长与联系人出席会议。




From 19:30 to 20:30 on the evening of January 19, 2022, the SSI Learning project team of Beijing Normal University held its winter holiday working conference. It was chaired by Professor Lin Jing, the project director, and attended by the regional and national team leaders from different schooling phases, as well as the principals and contact persons of the partner schools.

The meeting reviewed the practice experience of the base schools in the past year, and reached a consensus that it is necessary to improve the SSI-L project organization and coordination mechanism with the partner school as the main actor, and to further build the partner school SSI-L team with the principal as the team leader, cooperation and division of labour among key teacher members. It was decided at the meeting that all partner schools should summarize results and problems of their SSI-L project and document it as mid-term assessment. This documentation should be concise and realistic based on the actual situation, and recorded in key points, so that the project team can provide better professional support according to the specific situation of the partner schools.

It was proposed that the SSI-L project team could further develop collaborative cooperation in the autumn semester of 2022. The meeting also discussed the work during winter holiday and implementation proposal for the next semester. It reiterated that the teaching teams of parnter schools, especially the backbone teachers, should remain stable, not to have too much change. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the class schedule for the next semester.

It is expected that the partner schools will achieve better research results and implementation progress in the new semester after reflecting and summarizing previous experience, making new plans and course preparations during the winter holiday. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in the SSI-L project team! Happy Year of the Tiger!