[SSI Learning] 议题选择与顶层设计在线研讨纪要(2023-01-16)
Webinar Minutes: Issue Selection and Top-Level Design (01/16/2023)


[SSI Learning] 议题选择与顶层设计在线研讨纪要(2023-01-16)<br>Webinar Minutes: Issue Selection and Top-Level Design (01/16/2023)插图




From 14:30 to 17:00 on January 16, 2023, the SSI-L Project Team held a webinar via Tencent Meeting, to discuss SSI learning issue selection and top-level design of each partner school. The Project Office and project team members of the four partner schools participated in the discussion.

Project team members of the four partner schools conducted discussions based on a specific case. All teachers have affirmed the educational value of the issue, and believed that the topic is simple, authentic and close to real life. They also expressed their views from the perspectives of how to improve the openness of the case, how to encourage students to think and explore in depth, and how to increase students’ interest. Meanwhile they pointed out a series of problems in their teaching design process, such as difficulties in sorting out the logic of driving questions, operationalizing evaluation scales, and making choices about the teaching content.

Based on those remarks, Lin Jing delved into the social and scientific characteristics of the teaching case. She explained how to logically design teaching activities step by step from conceptual ideas, so that those activities support socio-scientific argumentation and students obtain evidence from those activities to support their argument. In so doing, students’ thinking gets trained and their ability to solve complex problems developed. On top of highlighting the social and scientific educational value of the SSI, Lin Jing also explained how to expand the connotation of the issue, in order to make SSI learning more open. She then pointed out how to represent the ethical educational value of SSI.

It is expected that the four partner schools cooperate with each other, and that they will have more discussion and practice of SSI based teaching and learning in 2023, and further improve educational quality and effectiveness.