[SSI Learning] 课程设计在线研讨纪要(2023-04-19)
Webinar Minutes: Curriculum Design (04/19/2023)









On April 19, 2023, from 19:00 to 21:00, the SSI-L project team held a webinar via Tencent Meetings, discussed the curriculum design in partner schools, exchanged problems encountered in the project research. The Project Office and the teachers from the project teams of four partner schools participated in this webinar.

1. Introduction to the curriculum design

Chen Hongmei from Baochu Pagoda Experimental School Hangzhou, representing the school’s project team, presented the Grade 8 SSI-L curriculum “Disposable chopsticks”, shared the SSI teaching framework, both versions of activity planning before and after the iteration, the implemented activities and student performance. Based on its experience in SSI-L project design and practice, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School has constructed a curriculum system covering Grade 7 and Grade 8, developed teaching materials and student activity manuals on issue-based learning regarding “Water purification and eutrophication”, “Global warming”, “Disposable chopsticks”, etc.

2. Discussion among partner schools

Around this case, the partner school teachers and the Project Office team members actively participated in the discussion, with the focus on the following aspects: first, to grasp the conflict points in the issue, from the dimensions such as “Where do chopsticks come from, and where to go”, to further improve the logic and framework of curriculum design; second, to enrich the content and activities of the curriculum, with emphasis on the development of students’ scientific thinking and skills, to facilitate students’ in-depth thinking of uncertain questions. Lin Jing, the head of the SSI-L Project, and Peng Menghua, the leader of the SSI-L project subject guidance expert team, provided suggestions on how to optimize the curriculum design.

3. Presentation on scientific argumentation

As the project proceeded, the four partner schools are increasingly focusing on the development of students’ higher-order thinking and skills. He Weiwei, a member of the Project Office, delivered a presentation titled “Teaching scientific argumentation in the context of SSI”, and discussed the three aspects “What is argumentation”, “What kind of argumentation do we expect in the classroom”, and “How to design argumentation in the classroom”.

At the end of the meeting, the participants further exchanged views on the problems in the project encountered by the partner schools, and discussed the effective research on SSI-L teaching and learning.