The SSI-L webinar was held by the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance


社会性科学议题学习项目威海区域实验校联盟召开线上交流研讨会</br>The SSI-L webinar was held by the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance插图

图1  于莲花秘书长主持会议





社会性科学议题学习项目威海区域实验校联盟召开线上交流研讨会</br>The SSI-L webinar was held by the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance插图1

图2  联盟校项目组组长交流议题实施计划



社会性科学议题学习项目威海区域实验校联盟召开线上交流研讨会</br>The SSI-L webinar was held by the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance插图2

图3  项目组骨干教师相互点评并提出建议









社会性科学议题学习项目威海区域实验校联盟召开线上交流研讨会</br>The SSI-L webinar was held by the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance插图3

图4  张涛主任进行会议总结并提出要求




On April 19, 2023, at 7 p.m., the Weihai Regional Experimental School Alliance held a webinar on SSI-L research, to better promote solid and effective research in alliance schools. The webinar was led by Yu Lianhua, the secretary-general of the alliance and the vice president. More than 50 guests attended the webinar, including Zhang Tao, the regional project leader in Shandong, the director of Weihai  Education and Teaching Research Institute, and principals, project team leaders, and core teachers from 11 alliance schools in Weihai.

The meeting comprised two sections. In the first section, the leaders of the project teams from each alliance school shared details about the school’s teacher arrangements, class hours, student participation, and activity assurances for issue-based learning. They also discussed the chosen issues of the school and presented the driving questions, the five-star chart of the SSI teaching framework design, and specific activity plans.

This semester, the issue selected by Weihai Shichang Middle School was “Is it necessary to promote the construction of marine ranching vigorously in Weihai?”. The issue selected by Weihai Wanghai Park Middle School was “Should households prefer tap water or other purified water?”. Weihai Nanhai New Area Experimental Middle School chose the issue ” The number of Xiaoguan clams is drastically reduced, let it go or lend a hand?”. Rongcheng Fuxin Primary School’s selected issue was “Should the school build a new playground with natural lawn or artificial turf”. Weihai No.10 Middle School’s issue was “What are the pros and cons of using snowmelt agents to clear snow?”. Wendeng Jingshan Middle School’s selected issues were “Is it profitable to build a pumped storage power station in Wendeng?” and “Should snowmelt agents be used to clear snow?”. Weihai Yangting School’s selected issue was “Does Yangting Wetland Park need further development?”. Weihai Minghu Road School’s selected issue was “Which is more suitable for Weihai, wind power or hydropower?”. Weihai Wangdao Primary School’s selected issue was “How to alleviate the traffic congestion at the school gate during peak hours?”. Weihai Hebei Primary School’s selected issue was “Should fireworks be banned or not?”.

In the second section, the core teachers from project teams in each school engaged in a heated discussion on the content of their exchanges, indicating the highlights of the issue selection and implementation, and proposing suggestions for improvement.

Then, Director Zhang Tao made a professional review, giving full acknowledgment to the achievements of each school. He recognized that the quality of issues was very high, no matter designed by the first batch of experimental schools or newly joined schools. The design and implementation of the activities reached a relatively high level. He responded to the question raised and put forward suggestions, mainly focused on the following aspects: first, whether the selected issue was in line with the characteristics of SSI; second, whether the design of the five-star chart of SSI teaching framework was reasonable; third, whether the activity design targeted problem solving and could achieve teaching goals.

At the end of the meeting, Director Zhang Tao put forward five requirements for the next phase of the alliance school’s design and implementation of issues-based projects:

  1. Schools should draw support from this webinar, adjusting driving questions and improving the five-star chart design of SSI teaching framework and activity design with all haste.
  2. Schools should make the best use of time to implement issue-based projects, striving to complete them by the end of the semester.
  3. Intensify communications and cooperation among alliance schools through the exchange and learning platform set up by the alliance, and lend each other a hand in solving difficulties.
  4. Be adept in research, and be courageous in solving difficulties and problems encountered in the implementation process.
  5. Take notice of accumulating data and materials, and organizing the results and achievements.

This webinar provided guidance for the research and teaching practice of SSI among the alliance schools, enhanced teachers’ understanding of the characteristics and activity implementations of SSI, and clarified the goals and priorities for the next phase.