[SSI Learning] 课程设计在线研讨纪要(2023-06-14)
Webinar Minutes: Curriculum Design (06/14/2023)





On June 14, 2023, from 19:00 to 21:00, the SSI-L project team held a webinar via Tencent Meeting, to discuss the curriculum design in partner schools and exchange problems encountered in the project research. The Project Office and the teachers from the project teams of three partner schools participated in this webinar. Lin Jing, head of the SSI-L Project Team and director of the Science Development Department of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education Quality, Peng Menghua, head of the Disciplinary Guidance Expert Team of the SSI-L Project and a Special-Rank Teacher of the Physics Department of the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, and Zhu Yujun, full-time deputy editor-in-chief and director of the editorial department of Chinese Journal of Chemical Education at Beijing Normal University attended the meeting and provided comments and guidance.

On behalf of the school project team, Tian Xiaomeng, a teacher from Tiyuguan Road Primary School in Dongcheng District, Beijing, posed problems they’ve come across in the curriculum design: first, how to grasp the core controversy of an issue in curriculum design; second, how to split the layers of an issue. Tang Feng, representing the project team at Yuxin School Affiliated to Capital Normal University, raised the question regarding the difference between students’ insterests in the brewery tour and teachers’ expectations in curriculum design. Peng Menghua, Lin Jing, and Zhu Yujun provided guidance and suggestions respectively on how to hold students’ interests.

As the project research proceeded, the partner schools are increasingly focusing on the development of students’ higher-order thinking and skills. Yang Fanfan, a physics teacher at the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University shared a themed presentation on cultivating students’ capability of scientific argumentation. The experts exchanged guidance on how to cultivate the capability of scientific argumentation in classroom practice.

Through this webinar, participants jointly explored an effective way to optimize curriculum design and classroom implementation.