SSI-L Curriculum Design Webinar Minutes (2023-10-26)





From 19:00 to 21:00 on October 26, 2023, the SSI-L project team held a webinar via Tencent Meeting, to discuss the curriculum design of partner schools and problems encountered in project research. The project office and project team members from four partner schools participated in this webinar. Zhang Tao, head of the Shandong Region of the BNU SSI-L Project and director of Weihai Education and Teaching Research Institute, attended the meeting and provided comments and guidance. The webinar was presided over by Peng Menghua, head of the Disciplinary Guidance Expert Team of the SSI-L Project and a Special-Rank Teacher of the Second High School Attached to BNU.

Tang Feng, director of the Curriculum Center of Yuxin School Attached to CNU introduced the curriculum cases implemented by the school and the problems encountered in the case writing process. Han Lixin, leader of the physics teaching and research group of the Second High School Attached to BNU, shared his ideas from the perspective of curriculum implementation. Zhang Hui, a biology teacher at the Second High School Attached to BNU, raised some questions and suggestions. Director Zhang Tao gave specific suggestions from multiple perspectives such as issue selection, five-star map, and the impact on students’ physical and psychological effects.

As the discussion progressed, Yu Yuan, from Hangzhou Baochuta Experimental School, raised doubts about the controversial nature of the issue. Li Ping, from Yuxin School Attached to CNU, pointed out doubts about motivating question design. Director Zhang Tao offered suggestions from the perspective of argumentation. Han Lixin shared his understanding of motivating questions and specific curriculum implementation. Hou Jingdan, from Tianyu Road Primary School in Dongcheng District, Beijing, shared her understanding of motivating questions and divergent thinking.

Through this exchange, participating experts and teachers continued to deepen their discussions and research on curriculum design.