SSI-L Curriculum Design Webinar Minutes (2023-12-07)







SSI-L课程设计在线研讨纪要(2023-12-07)<br>SSI-L Curriculum Design Webinar Minutes (2023-12-07)插图

From 19:00 to 21:00 on December 7, 2023, the SSI-L project team held a webinar via Tencent Meeting, to discuss the curriculum design of partner schools and problems encountered in project research. The project office and project team members from three partner schools participated in this webinar. Lin Jing, head of the SSI-L Project Team and director of the Science Development Department of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education Quality at Beijing Normal University, and Peng Menghua, head of the Disciplinary Guidance Expert Team of the SSI-L Project and a Special-Rank Physics Teacher of the Second High School Attached to BNU, attended the meeting and provided suggestions.

On behalf of the school project team, Zhang Mengyuan and Ma Yuting, teachers from Tianjian Road Primary School in Dongcheng District, Beijing, shared one of their course designs: the Application of Debate-style Teaching in Class: Taking the debate on “Can ‘Low-Sugar Low-Calorie’ Food Be Safely Eatable?” as an example. Han Bo, a teacher at Hangzhou Baochuta Experimental School, raised several questions. Those included how to improve the specialized debate content, how to control the order of classroom teaching, and how to mobilize students’ active participation in class. Tang Feng, director of the Curriculum Center of Yuxin School Attached to Capital Normal University, suggested that they should set up reasonable evaluation criteria for debate judges, and focus on students’ ability to identify evidence to match claims.

Peng Menghua affirmed the significance of integrating the form of debate competition into teaching. He offered suggestions on those unclear expressions in their teaching plan, and hoped that teachers would make further investigation and polish the use of language in curriculum design plan.

Lin Jing further affirmed the teaching form of the debate competition, and provided specific suggestions on the key points and difficulties, and the teaching goals of class activities, based on students’ cognition and thinking. Lin pointed out that teachers should further clarify their teaching goals for specific activities, such as developing students’ language skills and cultivating their ability to accurately and effectively present evidence through debate competitions. She also suggested to organize specific activity content around their teaching goals, and pay more attention to mobilizing students to think outside the box and think in depth.

Fu Yonglan and Zhang Hui, teachers of the Second High School Attached to BNU, shared the recent implementation progress of the school’s SSI-L curriculum — “Low Carbon Campus Action Guide”. Tang Feng, director of Yuxin School Attached to Capital Normal University, put forward some questions that the school has faced when promoting the course on “How Do Middle School Students Rationally Understand Alcohol and Drinking Behavior” in high schools.

Through this exchange, teachers from each partner school had in-depth discussions with disciplinary guidance experts, during which they have jointly explored effective ways to optimize curriculum design and teaching implementation.