[CREATE-PBL] 工作会议纪要(2020-03-20)
Minutes of PBL project (3/20/2020)



In order to summarize the PBL implementation of the last semester and determine the PBL teaching plan for this semester, the PBL Project Team held two working meetings via online video on March 19 and 20. The first meeting was chaired by project leader Lin Jing. The participants of the first meeting included Lu Hongjian, a teaching researcher from Dongcheng District, and teachers from Hepingli No.4 Primary School and Fuxue Hutong Primary School. The participants of the second meeting included teachers from Peking University Elementary School.

The two meetings discussed the performance assessment results of the students who participated in PBL activities in the last semester, preset the PBL teacher training and lesson preparation before and after the resumption of school, and agreed on the joint preparation of lessons, synchronized teaching progress as well as the positioning of the curriculum in multiple schools.