[CREATE-PBL] 专题研讨会议纪要(2020-05-19)
Minutes of PBL workshop (5/19/2020)


[CREATE-PBL] 专题研讨会议纪要(2020-05-19)<br>Minutes of PBL workshop (5/19/2020)插图


The PBL Project Team held case-based PBL Training Workshops through online video conferences on May 12 and 19, as a way of improving teachers’ understanding of PBL concepts and practices.

In the first training workshop, Zeng Liang, Research Assistant of the project, introduced the concepts of PBL to the teachers of the partner schools. His introduction covered an overview of PBL, and the integration of scientific literacy, driving questions, teaching strategies and classroom management strategies in PBL. In the last semester, PBL instructor Liu Jing gave a presentation on the implementation of PBL, including course content, teaching experience and teaching progress. Following the first training workshop, the second one focused on class observation and discussion. Project Leader Lin Jing organized a discussion on the above contents to deepen the understanding of the participating teachers on PBL and to find the solutions to the problems in the process of practice, so as to lay the foundation for the teaching practice in the next semester.

[CREATE-PBL] 专题研讨会议纪要(2020-05-19)<br>Minutes of PBL workshop (5/19/2020)插图1