[SSI Learning] 学科专家指导组第一次工作会议纪要(2020-06-10)
Minutes of the advisor group meeting for SSI learning (6/10/2020)




The SSI Learning Project team has formed an interdisciplinary advisor group to better serve the needs of partner schools for professional support during the organization of SSI learning activities, and the first session of the advisor group meeting was held online via video conference from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm on June 10, 2020. All of the 14 advisors who attended the meeting are leading experts and teachers in various disciplines of integrated science, mainly from Beijing, Shandong Shanxi, Zhejiang and other places. The meeting was chaired by project leader Lin Jing. Other participants included the coordinators of the primary school group, secondary school group and the research assistants of the project.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lin Jing firstly stated the important role of the SSI Learning Project of AISL in improving the scientific competency of primary and secondary school students, and then gave a brief explanation on the follow-up work plan of the project. With a view to the top-level design of the project, the advisors discussed the selection criteria for the partner schools, and exchanged ideas on how the SSI Learning Project could be integrated with the implementation of the Curriculum. After discussion, the participants unanimously agreed that the selection criteria should be considered from the aspects of school’s motivation, the backbone of its teaching and research team as well as other factors. In addition, it was suggested that the design and organization of SSI learning activities could be combined with a variety of science practices by selecting important concepts from the Curriculum.

As the next step, the project team will carry out further communication and exchange with the applicant schools to determine the first batch of SSI Learning Project partner schools in China, with further clarification of the objectives, content, partner school collaboration mechanism and team foundation of the project, etc.


[SSI Learning] 学科专家指导组第一次工作会议纪要(2020-06-10)<br>Minutes of the advisor group meeting for SSI learning (6/10/2020)插图