[SKC-CAT Model] 第二期沙龙纪要:如何撰写教学案例?
Minutes of the second cloud salon for SKC model project: How to write a teaching case?





To address the practical problems and real concerns of teachers in writing teaching cases, AISL launched a second cloud salon on “How to write a teaching case” via video conference from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm on June 27, 2020. Prof. Geng Shen from Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences was invited to attend the event as the keynote speaker. Zhang Tao, Director of Education and Teaching Research Center of Weihai, Shandong, together with Li Weichen from Miyun Teachers Training Institute of Beijing, joined the conversation with Prof. Geng. The meeting was chaired by Lin Jing, Director of the Science Improvement Department of China Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education, and was attended by more than 200 teachers from Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanxi and other places.

For starters, Lin Jing introduced the purpose of the event and the keynote speaker. Then, Prof. Geng Shen spoke on a series of topics including “What is a Teaching Case?”, “Why should I write a teaching case?”, “What are the essential elements that make up a teaching case?”, “What is the qualitative difference between a case and a case-based paper?” , etc. In this process, Mr. Zhang Tao and Mr. Li Weichen raised further questions and discussed with Prof. Geng. In addition, Mr. Zhang shared his own experience of writing teaching cases with the participants and explained how to write a teaching case in detail. The three experts also answered questions from the participating teachers about their concerns and confusions in writing teaching cases.

Through the communications and exchanges in this salon, all the participating teachers have deepened their understanding of not only the teaching cases, but also the necessity and the key points of writing teaching cases, which would provide solid support for them to carry out their daily teaching research.