[SSI Learning] 第四期沙龙纪要:彭梦华讲物理教学——以“活”物理促学生“全”发展
Minutes of the fourth cloud salon: Special-ranked teacher Menghua Peng’s physics teaching





In order to promote the understanding of physics teaching among primary and secondary school teachers, AISL invited Mr. Peng Menghua, a special-ranked physics teacher from the Second High School Attached To Beijing Normal University, to share his understanding of physics teaching in a cloud salon through Tencent Meeting Room from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on August 12, 2020. The event was hosted by Dr. Lin Jing, Director of the Science Improvement Department of China Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education of Beijing Normal University, and nearly 100 teachers from all over China participated in the cloud salon.

With his years of teaching experience, Mr. Peng elaborated on the five aspects of teachers’ professionalism, communication with students in teaching, the best learning period for students, how to make students love to learn science and how to cultivate students’ humanistic literacy and scientific spirit. He also demonstrated several classic experiments to show that no matter how far the development of high technology goes, its basic principle remains the same. The secondary school physics classroom must be connected to reality so that students know these basic principles and can put them into practice. Mr. Peng’s presentation was full of wit and humor, and many participating teachers immediately became his fans. Afterwards, some teachers at the meeting asked questions about their own confusion in teaching, and Mr. Peng answered them one by one.

Through this salon activity, all participating teachers deepened their understanding of physics teaching, and made it clearer how to organize their teaching more appropriately. They were also able to understand how to promote students’ competencies development and their own professional development through “live” physics. All in all, this cloud salon provides a support for teachers to carry out their daily front-line teaching.